The Moon recycle station is broken, and as a result, space debris is everywhere, destroying the Moon facilities and falling quickly to the Earth.

You are the only one who can save us!

Hop to the Moon, travel along the different Earth's atmospheric layers dodging every obstacle along the way, boost your rockets and recover damage picking up power-ups.


  • Use Arrow keys or WASD keys to move our character.


It is divided in three sections:

  • Time: Try to reach the moon in the shortest amount of time.
  • Points: Get boost or damage items to get points.
  • Hits: The less hits the better.


I made MoonHop to participate in the 2020 Game Off  game jam.

I have used Unity as engine and open source tools to create the sprites.

You can find the full credits in my GitHub repository.

I hope you enjoy it!


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[Android] APK (01-02-2021) 42 MB
[WebGL] My submission to Game Off (01-12-2020) 25 MB

Development log


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Hey , 

 I have A huge problem that i cant find solution of i thought anyone you could answer..

problem is that I'm making a game that is made very well but when  I try to play it in fullscreen rather than a small windows it loses performance from 40-30 to 14-10 I have searched for that for a week but I cant find a answer

your game runs very well in fullscreen very good.. 

please reply soon✌

Really loving the game play and the music. It feels great. I couldn't make it to the finish, but it was still super fun. It might be cool to get a battery/life power up somewhere.

Nice game dude. I really loved it. Your Concept and idea is incredible


Was a cool game! I couldn't finish it though! Fun to play however! Find below my review:

01:55 Moonhop