Curse Buster is a point-and-click action game that is designed to be a roguelike with touches of RPG.

At the moment it is more a proof of concept than a complete game since there is only one level implemented, but we can find foundational mechanics and features that will probably remain in future iterations.

The player will control a character who has to release a curse that keeps human beings as zombies.

The only way to achieve that purpose is to destroy an evil totem that will appear somewhere in every level.

Our character will be able to level up, pick up items and weapons to become stronger and accomplish the challenge.

  • There are no healing items in the level but the character will recover some health after leveling up.

3D Models

  • Kenney Character Assets
  • Kenney Assets: Retro Urban Kit

Unity Assets

  • Meshtint Studio: Meshtint Free Boximon Fiery Mega Toon Series
  • Viacheslav Titenko: Drangon Statue
  • Teamjoker: Fantasy Monster - Skeleton
  • Broken Vector: Low Polu Rock Pack
  • Broken Vector: Low Poly Tree Pack
  • A dog's life software: Outdoor Ground Textures
  • AlignedGames: Polygonal Foliage Asset Package
  • WAND AND CIRCLES: Poly City - Free Cartoon Pack
  • RaioBoss3D's Models: City Props Pack!
  • Dreamlevel: DL Fantasy RPG Effects
  • Little Robot Sound: Horror Sfx
  • B.G.M: Shooting Sound
  • ClayManStudio: Pixel Cursors
  • BOXOPHOBIC: FREE Skybox Extended Shader


  • esistnichtsoernst: Fast Synth Sound2 (
  • RokZRooM: Dilemma 2C - Mystery Music Loop (
  • ShadyDave: cloudy day loop (

Sound Effects

  • elijahdanie: Game win (
  • a_guy_1: Demon evil laughing (
  • miksmusic: Punch Grunt 1 (
  • plasterbrain: Press Start Phoenix Wright (
  • IanStarGem: Electronic Snare Drum #1 (
  • ricemaster: effect_notify (
  • Rob_Marion: GASP_Item Interact_1 (
  • Loyalty_Freak_Music: equip (
  • qubodup: Slash (
  • Daleonfire: Punch2 (
  • Hoggington: Grunting In Gas Mask (
  • smcameron: wumpus_roar (
  • yummie: minion_hit_2 (
  • SilverIllusionist: Game Over 2 (Suspense) (
  • Tissman: alert2 (
  • Navadaux: sci-fi bubble (

Thanks for playing!

Updated 5 days ago
Published 10 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreAction, Role Playing
TagsHack and Slash, Point & Click, Roguelike


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